How Much Boosting Do Testosterone Boosters Actually Do?


How Much Boosting Do Testosterone Boosters Actually Do?

You see ads promising amazing results in your workout and sexual performance everywhere. They bombard you with claims of how your life will improve but do they have the ingredients to back it up? Probably not.  

Bummer, right? Even with grand promises, you have to ask just how much boosting the male sex hormone, testosterone, actually does? Are you getting the most for your money or simply making your urine more expensive with how little of the ingredients are used in your body? Could what you are putting in your body be dangerous for your health as opposed to helpful? 

Keep reading to find out what most products claiming to boost testosterone really do. (Spoiler alert: when it comes most of them on the market, not that much.) 

What Does Testosterone Do?

You’re probably familiar with how testosterone gives you body hair and can make your voice sound deeper as you transition from boyhood to manhood. 

Though testosterone, an androgen, is often associated with being “manly,” it does so much more than sit around and be a symbol of masculinity. As a matter of fact, everyone, including women, need testosterone in the body. It’s just that men need more of it to properly function. 

T levels influence muscle and strength. Produced by the testes and pituitary glands, it affects your body’s overall composition, your sex drive, and how energetic you feel. As you age, your T levels can go down. 

Testosterone levels can also affect your state of mind. If you’re having problems in the bedroom, or a weakened body, it may be time to consult with your doctor about making better lifestyle changes with the possibility of addressing lower T. 

What Can Causes Lower Testosterone?

Lower testosterone levels are anything below 300 ng/dl. Normal levels range from anything between 300 ng/dl and 1,000 ng/dl. The body produces testosterone in the adrenal glands as well as the testicles. 

Many factors affect testosterone levels. These can include:

  • Aging
  • Alcohol
  • Diet
  • Sleep

No matter the reason, having lower T levels can be distressing for many men due to how it makes your mind and body feel. 

What’s the Difference Between Free T and Total T?

To understand how we work, let’s examine the different types of testosterone in the body. Free testosterone or free T levels measures the number of unbound T molecules in your body. Unlike their bound counterparts, free T molecules can enter many places of the body without an issue. 

Total T levels measure the total amount of testosterone in the body, both bound and unbound. So even if your total T is okay, that still may mean that you have lower free T levels. It can make you feel like your best efforts still aren’t good enough.

The appeal of testosterone boosters is that many brands promise to deliver quick results and instant gratification. You will allegedly become a better lover and a stronger man… overnight. But that’s rarely the case, if ever.

As a matter of fact, you should be concerned if that happens. It takes time for the body to regain its T levels even with all of the best ingredients. Patience is a virtue for a reason.

While there may be some good ingredients in the average T booster, there’s probably also plenty of junk ingredients that can counteract all of the good that the other ingredients can do.

What Exactly is a Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone boosters can come in a variety of forms. They commonly come in pill or tablet form, but you will also see drink mixes and powder forms. They may be singular or a mixture of ingredients that are shown to improve T levels. Some of these include: 

  • Ashwagandha. This herb has been shown to help ease stress and improve mental alertness. You can also find it under the names poison gooseberry, Indian ginseng, or winter cherry. 
  • D-aspartic acid. An amino acid meant to support healthy free testosterone and endocrine levels. 
  • DHEA. This is a hormone naturally found in the body that produces both testosterone and estrogen. In supplements, it is a synthetic version. 
  • Fenugreek. A common culinary ingredient and responsible for an increase in libido.
  • Tribulus Terrestris. An ancient herb called puncture vine is meant to promote vitality. 

Quality testosterone boosters will only include the best combo of ingredients and have a scientifically-backed formula. But all too often, you’ll see supplements in gas stations in bright-colored packaging with “macho” names. 

Unfortunately, many of these can do more harm than good. You can blame the loose FDA restrictions on what can be labeled as an actual testosterone booster. While most on the market are probably made with filler ingredients and other useless substances, too many also include elements that could cause organ damage if you aren’t careful. 

There are always treatments through your doctor’s office, but never use one without a prescription. There are just some things you don’t need to share with your buddies. 

Are There Any Risks When Using a Testosterone Booster?

There’s always the potential risk when using a testosterone booster, but not all of them are made the same way. As we’ve mentioned, plenty of supplements out there have junk for ingredients than they do quality, safe ones. 

When looking for a testosterone increase, be on the lookout for ingredients that could disrupt your body’s health. Obviously, if you know you have an allergy to a certain component, you probably shouldn’t take it. 

Some supplements could even trick your body into thinking it no longer needs to make its own and cause testosterone production to cease entirely. That’s why reading the ingredients list and questioning what exactly makes up your supplement can prevent major problems down the road. 

Seek out supplements and solutions that do not disrupt the body’s natural process. Instead, find one that enhances it. 

Are There More Natural Ways to Boost T Levels?

If you haven’t tried the following solutions, give them a shot before searching for a T supplement. 

Do You Manage Your Stress?

Easier said than done, we know. It’s normal for stress to get on your nerves, but if it’s defining your everyday life, it’s time for an intervention. Practice mindfulness, make sure you’re eating a healthy diet and take breaks as needed. We know that you take pride in the grind, but you can’t grind when you’re burned out. 

Do You Exercise?

You should be vigorously exercising for at least thirty minutes a day, but what if you pushed beyond the absolute bare minimum? We’re not saying to run a marathon right this minute, but push yourself to reasonable levels each day to improve your body’s overall function and appearance. 

Do You Avoid Harmful Foods?

Don’t overthink your diet. What we mean by harmful foods is processed and full of added sugars, salts, and fats. Enjoy things in moderation and ensure you are getting enough leafy greens and fruits. But we won’t tell anyone if you sneak a snack-size bag of chips every once in a while. 

Have You Been Getting Enough Sleep?

If you’ve been tossing and turning at night, you probably aren’t getting enough sleep. Without enough sleep, your body doesn’t have the energy levels to function properly. This includes the glands and organs that produce testosterone. 

So if you haven’t been getting any sleep, try relaxation routines before bed to make it easier for you to fall asleep. That means no distractions like TV or your phone before bed for at least thirty minutes before you want to fall asleep.

Don’t fret if none of these seem to be working. Many men experience lower T at some point in their lives, and you aren’t a failure for not being able to get enough sleep or being irritable. There are also plenty of nature-based solutions to lower T. 

How Do I Know If My Testosterone Booster is Working?

The most straightforward way to know if your testosterone booster is working is to go to your doctor to test your T levels. But you should also feel an improvement in your mood and physical wellbeing. Are you feeling more energetic? Has your sex drive and performance improved? 

If not, or if the results seem to be more of a coincidence day by day than consistent improvement, then your T booster probably isn’t working the way it was promised. Again, be cautious of “solutions” that promise immediate results.

Record how you feel each day, what you eat, what supplements and vitamins you take. This can help narrow down what is causing you to improve your T levels or other aspects of your life. Who knows, you could discover that string cheese was the culprit all along. 

Where Nugenix Stands Out

Even with the best of habits, lower T levels can happen for many reasons. That’s why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution to men’s health. And you shouldn’t accept that in your supplement, either. 

Every person is different, so targeting your actual issues head-on is essential for getting balanced again. Other products also combine a few vitamins and minerals and call that a miracle cure. But we know better than that. 

That’s why Nugenix offers scientifically formulated supplements that address individual needs. Our main ingredient across most of our products is Testofen® which contains ingredients from Fenugreek plus vitamins B6 and B12 and zinc. 

From T boosters to multivitamins, we have 16 different products to choose from to best fit your needs. Take a look at all 16 supplements and boosters that we offer below. 

Nugenix® Free Testosterone Booster

Remember, even with good total T levels, if you don’t have enough free T, your body will still lag behind. With Testofen, Vitamins B6, B12, and zinc, our Free Testosterone Booster increases free T in your body with six special ingredients, including an extract from Tribulus. Your body will thank you for giving it a little more freedom with all of that free T! 

Nugenix® Estro-Regulator

It doesn’t matter how much testosterone you have if there’s enough estrogen to block it from functioning properly. Many customers opt for both our Free Testosterone Booster formula and our Estro-Regulator supplement to help inhibit the reaction that turns testosterone in your body into estrogen instead. A winning combo! 

Nugenix® Total-T

If you're looking to boost your levels, you may need to invest in a product that addresses your total T levels. That’s why in addition to our Free Testosterone Booster, our Total-T formula includes a boost of boron, elevATP® Blend, and Eurycoma longifolia root extract to up your T game in a safe and scientifically validated way. Both free and bound T molecules will roam your body in abundance. 

Nugenix® Total-T Maxx

Sometimes we can’t settle for an average solution. If the Total-T formula doesn’t cut it, our Total-T Maxx formula is the next step up. It boosts your vitality and has an extra dash of the ingredients you can find in our Total-T formula. 

Nugenix® GH Boost

Our GH Boost formula is a simple, pre-measured berry tea mix with no artificial flavors or added sugars. Plus, it contains ingredients like aminobutyric acid, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, L-Arginine, and glycine to give you the absolute best results. 

Nugenix® Ultimate

This formula is for people looking for a serious jump in their health. While you should consult your doctor before going on any T supplement of any kind, we especially recommend a physician’s “OK” for trying this. 

If you follow our instructions exactly, the eight ingredients in our Ultimate formula can maximize results from your workout and other aspects of your life influenced by T levels. Improve the effects of each workout and start to feel revitalized in your everyday life, even when you are at your lowest. 

Nugenix® Sexual Vitality Booster

Are you looking to improve bedroom performance and have been disappointed in other supplements? The Nugenix® Sexual Vitality Booster combines Spectra™, Nitrosigine®, Maca, Panax Ginseng, and Black Ginger Extract to boost nitric oxide levels and improve blood flow. While you may just be concentrating on blood flow to some areas, blood flow all around helps the body do more than you thought possible at any age. 

Nugenix® Multivitamin

Our multivitamin supplements everything our boosters can do for your body. Including 22 vitamins and minerals combined with a dash of boron and Spectra™, our customers adore having optimized help at their fingertips. What other multivitamin can say that it blends the best nutrients while complementing the results of an already great formula? Our multivitamin is a great stepping stool alongside our other products, mixing and matching for excellent results. 


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