Ways To Increase Your Sex Drive

Ways To Increase Your Sex Drive

There are few things worse than having to tell your partner no when they’re in the mood. Maybe it makes you feel like you’ve let your partner down, that you are inadequate. And it can also make your partner feel rejected. 

But, unfortunately, many men find themselves having to have that conversation more and more as time goes on. 

Low libido is a common problem among men, especially older men, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. But it’s also not something you have to live with for the rest of your life. There are practical and effective ways to improve your sexual desire so you can have sexual satisfaction for both yourself and your partner. 

Everybody’s sex drive is different. Certain people just desire sex more than others, and that’s okay. But it’s a  problem when you experience a change in your libido and arousal that potentially puts strain on your sexual relationships. 

So, if you’re looking to increase your sexual interest, for any reason, we have some answers and solutions for you. 

Let’s have an open discussion about decreased sex drive. First, we will identify some of the common causes, and then we can dive into the solutions so you can have a better sex life. 

The Root of the Problem

Sex drive is an incredibly complex mental function that can change for various reasons at any time. By identifying the cause of your decrease in desire, you will be better equipped to work on a solution and get back to the level you used to be. 

Here are some potential problems that could be causing your lowered libido. At the core of many of these issues is low testosterone levels. Testosterone levels are crucial to maintaining healthy sexual desire, especially in men. So keep that in mind as we discuss these potential causes. 

Mental Health

Your mental well-being plays a huge factor in how you feel about sex. Unhealthy mental patterns, stressful situations, and the like can bleed into other parts of your life, like your sex life. Your mind controls everything that happens in your body. So if your mental health isn’t up to par, certain functions may suffer.

There’s no way we can cover all the potential mental explanations, but here are some of the main causes of lowered libido when it comes to mental health.

Feelings of Anxiousness

Anxiousness, stress, and tiredness are killers of testosterone. Stress causes the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. Its job is to put the body into a state of high alert, diverting energy to essential body functions. 

Because sex isn’t considered essential, the sex hormone testosterone is inhibited by cortisol. This means that prolonged periods of stress and anxiousness can have very negative effects on your testosterone, and thus, your libido. 

Not to mention, for many, if there are high-stress events happening in your life, sex may just not seem appealing. Stress can make you feel that other things are more important than sex, so you don’t prioritize it. 

Low Body Image

Nothing kills libido quite like insecurity. Many men have feelings of insecurity, and it is nothing to hide or be ashamed of. 

A lack of confidence can kill your desire for sex. If you feel your body cannot perform well or feel that you are unattractive or unappealing, your mind can talk you out of pursuing sex. 

Poor Mood

An oversimplified definition of sadness is a pattern of misfiring neurotransmitters that disrupt communication in the brain, leading to lowered mood and other symptoms. 

Here’s how this can affect your sex drive. Simply, the misfiring of neurotransmitters also affects your sex organs, hormones, and mental processes. Essentially, the miscommunication happening in your brain causes signals to your sex organs to suffer. 

This can lower testosterone and decrease sex drive.


Sometimes the simple reason you may have lowered libido is because you are just too tired. Overwork and lack of sleep are some reasons why you may have lower energy. 

Sometimes it might simply be more appealing for you to sleep than to have sex. This is a form of lowered libido, especially if it is a recent change you have noticed. So be aware of your energy levels and your sleeping habits. 

Relationship Strain

If you are in a serious relationship, perhaps the reason for your decrease in sex drive could be related to your emotional connection with your partner. 

If you and your partner have been fighting recently, if you haven’t prioritized romance, or even if you have just been too busy to see each other recently, this can cause a drop in emotional connection that affects your desire for sex. 

Maybe you even perceive a problem in your relationship. That can reduce the trust you have in your partner and reduce your desire for sex.

This is not uncommon in any long-term relationship, and it is not necessarily a sign that your relationship is unhealthy. But it may be a sign that you need to prioritize your emotional connection a little bit more. 

Physical Problems

But it’s not just your mind that can cause decreased libido. Sometimes, there is an issue with your body that is prohibiting your sex drive. This is nothing to be ashamed of! These issues are more common than you think. 

In fact, if the problem is physical, it may even be easier to treat than some of the more tricky mental causes of low libido. 

High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar is an incredibly common health problem. Many people who have chronically high blood glucose levels understand certain symptoms associated with it. 

But the taboo around sexual problems often causes people to be in the dark about the potential sexual dysfunction high blood sugar can cause.  

High blood sugar causes a greater risk for low levels of testosterone. In fact, low T is about twice as likely if you have too much blood sugar. 


Obesity can dramatically lower testosterone levels, too. Not only do overweight people tend to have higher blood sugar, but they also have higher levels of cholesterol. Cholesterol limits the circulation of total testosterone in the body. 

Not to mention, overweight people are more likely to suffer from things like low body image and more fatigue, which, as we’ve discussed, also contribute to lowered sex drive. 

Chronic Illness

A pre-existing health condition can also limit sex drive. Many chronic illnesses can contribute to various changes in hormone levels, and that includes testosterone. So, directly or indirectly, a condition you struggle with could be the culprit of your decreased sexual desire. 


But, by far, the biggest contributor to an adverse change in your sex drive is aging. 

Decreasing Testosterone

The fact is, after the age of 30, testosterone levels in men begin to decrease by an average of 1% every year. 

As we’ve already discussed, testosterone plays a major role not just in sexual function but also in sexual desire. This dramatic decrease in T levels can not only harm your actual sex drive, but it can potentially contribute to problems with sexual function, leading to low body image, further decreasing libido. 

Heart Problems

Aging increases your risk for heart problems, and heart problems can limit your sex drive in several ways. For one, a weakened blood flow can cause less strong or infrequent erections, erectile dysfunction (ED), leading to decreased libido. 

However, heart problems also commonly lead to discomfort, trouble breathing, and fatigue, limiting libido. 


As you age, your likelihood of being dependent on medicine goes up. But, unfortunately, many treatments out there have side effects that can limit sex drive. Antidepressants and blood pressure medications commonly have lowered libido as one of their undesirable side effects. 

But do not lose hope! Aging might be a significant cause of lowered testosterone and libido, but it doesn’t mean you are stuck with a poor sex life for the rest of your life. Age is not your master!

The Solutions

So those are some of the main ways that your testosterone can be limited. But the good news is that many of these problems can be addressed so that your libido can thrive and get back to what it used to be. 

Here are some practical steps you can take to promote your sexual desire and get you in the mood again. 


It seems like so many articles online say that exercise is the solution to whatever problem you happen to be reading about. But the fact is that breaking a sedentary lifestyle and getting active is one of the best things you can do for your overall health, and the benefits are everywhere. 

Research has shown there is a strong link between physical activity, body image, and sexual function. So, if you get to be more active, you can not only increase your body image but help yourself perform better during sex, making it a more appealing and enjoyable activity. 

In addition, exercise, especially strength training, is linked to testosterone levels. Because testosterone is used for muscle growth, regular exercise can raise testosterone levels, thus, raising libido. 

But the fact is that exercise can be challenging for many people. If you struggle with fatigue and low energy, working out can be a complex undertaking. So, to jump-start your energy and your workouts, we’ve created a Cellular Energy formula to boost your stamina and vitality throughout the day.


While we’re on the subject of energy, a healthy diet is a great way to be proactive and work to prevent potential physical threats to your libido. Have a diverse diet with fruits, vegetables, clean carbs, healthy fats, and good protein. 

A good diet is also crucial if you’re going to be getting into exercising more. You’ll need the proper fuel to keep your body going through your workouts. 

These improvements can help you maintain the health of your heart and the rest of your body, and they can help prevent serious illnesses in the future. Not to mention, it will provide your body with good clean energy, which can improve your mood. 


Supplements are a powerful tool in your arsenal to fight off low libido. If your testosterone levels are low, there are products that can help optimize your body to produce and maintain higher testosterone levels. 

For example, Total T is a great product that boosts your body’s testosterone and maintains a healthy libido. Not only will Total T promote testosterone levels, but it also gives you sustained energy throughout the day. You’ll be feeling better than you have in years.

But it doesn’t stop there. Many supplements can help you in numerous ways and promote the function of many different systems in your body. From multivitamins to prostate promoters, we have something to support your health and spur you on toward your goals. 

Identify Mental Blocks

To counteract some of the mental causes of low sex drive, it is essential to be in touch with your mind and identify some of the causes you may be suffering from. 

Counseling is a great tool to help you discover any psychological or relationship issues that contribute to your low libido. 

It’s also essential to identify if the problem is a depressed mood. Once you identify the mental block, you can work to take action against it.

Manage Stress

The biggest block you’re going to want to focus on is your stress levels. As we said before, cortisol is the enemy of testosterone. 

If you have excess stress in your life, do what you can to alleviate it. Pick up a new hobby, talk your stress through with a loved one, meditate, exercise. You don’t have to live with your stress. Take action against it.


If you’re trying to get better sleep, make sure you maintain a regular sleep schedule. Establishing a rhythm for your body is key to helping you fall asleep faster and sleep all through the night. 

Don’t drink caffeine in the afternoons and evenings, and keep your bedroom cool and dark. Getting quality sleep has several benefits for your health. They include having:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Better mood
  • Improved mental health

Sleep can really impact your mental health, which can, in turn, have a positive effect on your sex drive. So put sleep high on your to-do list. 

Prioritize Your Partner

If your lowered libido is because there are problems in your relationship with your sexual partner, the best thing you can do for your sex drive is to resolve the tension and restore trust. 

Focusing on intimacy with your partner is a great, natural way to restore your attraction to them and improve libido. Focus on emotional connection, go out on a date, and work to build trust. 

But most of all, have an open and honest conversation with your partner about your libido. It may be uncomfortable or seem taboo, but it will be worth it. Your sex drive does not need to be a barrier between you. 

Have open communication and

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