Our Most Potent Prostate Health Formula Ever Created—from the makers of the top-selling men's brand, Nugenix

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You'll Have To Pee It To Believe It!

Stronger stream with more volume, plus avoid the Dreaded Dribbles.

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4 Ingredients At Clinical Potency

Includes the full amounts that studies show have incredible results.

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Fewer Late-Night Trips And Drips

Sleep through the night and experience more complete bladder emptying.

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Full Potency Prostate Up to $25 Off Per Bottle!

Get the comfort and relief you deserve.

Nothing prepares you for the shocking discomfort of an aging prostate!

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You'll know darn well once it happens to you… And you'll want to deal with it as fast as possible.

And that is what this one-step, quad-powered, prostate-normalizing formula does.

Now available. Full Potency Prostate from the makers of the leading men's brand Nugenix!

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If the discomfort and constant concerns "down there" are more than you can take, along with all the annoying bathroom issues, you need to read this…

Dear Friend,

Maybe you can relate to this…

"The first time I felt it, I was a little concerned, but dismissed it as "something else." Then it went away for a few weeks. But when it came back the second and third time, I started to suspect what was going on.

By the 4th time it happened, within just a week or so, I knew what was going on "down there." And this time that feeling stayed with me for days. I was surprised! It's hard to focus or concentrate on anything with that kind of discomfort going on. But even more frustrating, I had no idea what to do about it."

This is word-for-word what a good friend told me recently, as he too joined millions of men in the "Troubled Prostate" phase of his life… at age 53.

You often hear about lots of "peeing" problems with an aging prostate… But if you know, and you've felt that uncomfortable feeling, you know it's much worse than that. Many men describe it as an intense, throbbing pressure in the whole groin area. It's very distressing and irritating. Even maddening.

It's a terrible feeling in your lower abdomen that won't stop. Along with the feeling of having to pee urgently, when you do, you only get a small amount of relief, and then the annoying pressure to go again is still there.

All day, and all night.

And once it starts, it may come and go, but it will never go away completely. It is the first sign of a prostate in trouble, and it will stay in trouble until you address it.

Brace yourself, because these early warning signs are only the beginning!

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Hi, I'm Nat Jones, MS, CNS and as a leading scientific professional in the health and wellness field, I've heard it a thousand times from others. And again, the important thing to know is that your discomfort "down there" may start and stop for a while at first, leaving you to think maybe you're in the clear…

But the truth is, it's just ramping up. Eventually it will become part of your life for good. And if you know how this feels, you know that you simply can NOT lead a normal life with that discomfort. And if you're over age 40, this prostate trouble is absolutely coming for you.

The good news is, there is something safe and effective you can do to help before it controls your life. Which is crucial because, as you can now see, aging men are in a red-flag state of emergency! This crisis cannot be averted. You'll have to do something to alleviate the discomfort.

And there can be only ONE "most effective" way to tackle this problem!

There's certainly no shortage of prostate formulas around. In fact, during my research, I counted over 20 popular brands that all aim to do the same thing… help support the health and normal function of the prostate.

The funny thing is, further research and reviews show that most of those formulas just don't do the job. They are simply full of watered-down crap. They will not help you. Leaving you and others with an aging, unhappy prostate — AND $40-$70 poorer per bottle!

Here's the rub with bargain-brand formulas… And what we did to avoid these pitfalls

assorted bottles of competitors supplements

The fact is, many products include clinically studied ingredients… But to save money, they only contain a small dose, a trace amount that is much lower than the actual studied levels. But, most people would never know! Even by reading the label.

So you think you are getting a product — that you really need badly — to help ease that tremendous ache, and then nothing happens. This occurs far too often.

In fact, look at the ingredients from a leading TV-advertised brand:

competitors supplement facts with a large red X crossed out above it

At first glance, they use a lot of ingredients, which might seem better. But if you look closer, it’s just a weak multivitamin with only two clinically researched ingredients for your prostate health: Beta-Sitosterol and Saw Palmetto.

Yet, neither one is even at the clinically validated levels! Even worse, you don’t know what amounts they are because both ingredients come disguised inside a proprietary blend of other filler ingredients. So they list how much total mg are in each blend, but not total mg of the 2 key ingredients that really matter! It’s a common trap.

Or compare ours to the ingredients from a leading Amazon-selling brand:

another competitors supplement facts with a large red X crossed out above it

It’s important to understand not all Saw Palmetto is equal. For maximum effectiveness (and to match the clinical research), it must have at least 85% fatty acids – but this has about half of that.

And if you look even closer, they combine the extract and the powder, which is weaker, so you don't know how much of either one they use in their blend.

But NOT with Full Potency Prostate!

You are guaranteed to get the full clinical dose of 4 ingredients used in studies—Flowens® Cranberry Powder, Vi-spo™ Saw Palmetto, Phytopin® Pine Extract, and FruiteX-B® Patented Mineral Complex. That way you know the relief you have within reach is backed by science and demonstrated by clinical results.

Full Potency Prostate supplement facts with a large green checkmark above it

As a long time healthcare professional, scientific researcher, and master formulator, I knew it was time to roll up my sleeves and create the most potent supplement that gives men hope, and another alternative to discomfort, radical solutions, or an ineffective supplement.

So what I set out to do was develop an EFFECTIVE, multi-functional formula to support and maintain a healthy prostate for men. And this product, Full Potency Prostate, is the most impressive you'll find on the market.

I even had a colleague, Dr. David Katz who is a leading clinician and health expert respected for his deep understanding of wellness, prevention, and integrative health review the formulation to give his stamp of approval.

Dr Katz rocking a crisp white lab coat and stethoscope around his neck with a glowing smile

Dr. David L. Katz

President, True Health Initiative
Founder, Former Director: Yale Prevention Research Center, and the Integrative Medicine at Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT

"Full Potency Prostate, like all Adaptive Health products, is put together with extreme care, attention to detail, creative thinking, and cutting-edge science. With 4 clinically-validated, targeted prostate support nutrients working in combination, Full Potency Prostate is an impressive and promising advance for men's health."

This BREAKTHROUGH formula is a safe, drug-free "Ultimate Answer" for men with prostate issues

The 4 powerful ingredients ONLY exist to support prostate health and COMFORT. And that means it's full strength prostate support at its best.

Not just because I said it is, but because it is the ONLY formula available that contains these 4 trademarked ingredients at the exact doses that have shown to be effective in clinical trials to support healthy prostate function.

Our powerful formula I showed you earlier is the best, most highly advanced, non-prescription remedy you'll get anywhere for prostate support and bladder and urinary health. It's focused 100% on support for your aging, bothersome prostate. No unnecessary fillers or hidden ingredients.

And as you may know, having an aging prostate is not the problem you FEEL. The problems you FEEL are discomfort and having to pee constantly. Sound familiar?

Plus a host of other urinary problems. So, based on the scientific studies done on these 4 super-nutrients, this is what you can expect from Full Potency Prostate…

Better overall urinary health and bladder function.

You'll be able to maintain healthy urination patterns, so you only feel the urge to go every few hours, instead of every few minutes — all day and night.

Support for normal urine flow throughout the day, so you can empty your bladder quickly, fully and easily again.

Improved urinary stream, flow and volume, so your pee shoots out at fuller strength, and more of it comes out, not just some.

Help to reduce bladder discomfort, so that nagging feeling goes away.

Helps relieve the sudden, consistent urges to go.

Controls urinary frequency, so you go less times a day more like you used to.

Promotes normal daytime frequency and reduces nighttime frequency, helping you to maintain normal, restful sleep.

As you can see, these 4 key ingredients work on 4 different pathways related to prostate health. It is all-encompassing. And targets the problem from multiple angles. It simply works harder than other formulas… Because NO other formula contains the same major ingredients included at the FULL clinical amount.

Now that you know what to expect, here's why it works better than anything you'll find on your own…


As I mentioned, Full Potency Prostate has 4 clinical-strength ingredients that power your prostate health… Which have been shown in clinical studies to improve urinary and prostate health.

These clinically-validated ingredients work in multiple, complementary ways to support your prostate.

And these standardized, powerhouse nutrients are as good as you'll ever find on the planet. Some prostate formulas may have 1 or possibly 2 of these, but Full Potency Prostate has all 4 at clinical doses.

ALL of these were chosen for prostate normalization and overall men's health — combined for a huge force of good to your prostate. See for yourself…

#1: You get 500 mg of Flowens®
a patented, full spectrum cranberry powder…

Flowens® is a full-spectrum whole fruit cranberry powder, which has been shown in clinical research to improve your lower urinary tract symptoms. Cranberry fruit has been historically used by the Native Americans for kidney and urinary ailments for hundreds of years, and in modern times, it was named Ingredient of the Year by Healthy Aging at the 2020 NutraIngredients Awards.

Flowens is produced from sustainably grown cranberries sourced from a supply chain that has achieved Gold Status in the supplier's industry-leading pathfinder program. These cranberries are cultivated and dried with state-of-the-art technology that maintains the integrity of their potent antioxidant power.

But here's the most important part… Flowens was studied in 122 men with urinary symptoms, just like a man with an aging prostate would have. This study showed a significant improvement on the International Prostate Symptom score.

In fact, all these areas were improved with use:

  • Incomplete emptying—How often they had the sensation of not emptying their bladder.
  • Frequency—How often they urinated less than every two hours.
  • Intermittency—How often they stopped and started again when urinating.
  • Urgency—How often they found it difficult to postpone urination.
  • Weak stream—How often they had a weak urinary stream.
  • Straining—How often they had to strain to start urination.
  • Nocturia—How often they got up at night to urinate.

This is nearly every symptom a man with an aging prostate would experience. And they were ALL improved! But remember, this is ONLY the first clinically-backed nutrient in Full Potency Prostate.

Let me tell you about the next one…

#2: You also get 400 mg of CO2 extracted Saw Palmetto…

This standardized nutrient is called Vi-spo™, a patent-pending, beta-sitosterol-enriched Saw Palmetto extract that is obtained from non-GMO Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) berries. And if you know anything about beta-sitosterol, it is the undisputed king of prostate normalizers. And when combined with Saw Palmetto in Full Potency Prostate, Vi-spo has a calming effect on your prostate that you can absolutely feel!

Reports regarding the effectiveness of Serenoa repens for relief of prostate-related issues have existed in medical literature since the 1800s. In Europe, Saw Palmetto extract is the most commonly-used agent for prostate health. And, before being combined into Vi-spo, it is processed using a special CO2 extraction process.

  • Lower urinary tract symptoms
  • Urinary flow
  • The amount of urine left in the bladder
  • Improvement in Free-T level

But let's build some more! Full Potency Prostate also contains…

#3: 130 mg of Phytopin®, a Phytosterol Pine Extract…

Standardized, and called Phytopin®, it contains a mixture of phytosterols derived from the trunk of sustainably grown pine trees native to the United States. It is standardized to contain a minimum of 70% beta-sitosterol, which is the powerful component that I mentioned earlier, as it has a long history of use in Europe for addressing an aging prostate.

And again, in clinical studies, it helped men FEEL better. It addressed the discomfort and annoyance of an aging prostate, and that is the goal here… To help YOU FEEL BETTER.

And one last member of this quad-powered formula…

#4: 57 mg of Calcium Fructoborate or FruiteX-B®...

A patented mineral complex similar to a natural form of boron, FruiteX-B® all alone can help support your body's normal inflammatory response, a key aspect of aging well and staying healthy!

Now, keep in mind, each one of these 4 super prostate nutrients alone could help you feel better…


But together, they are unstoppable!

The evidence is clear, that Full Potency Prostate can help settle down your prostate.

Don't spend another day (or night) with a cranky prostate! Click now to get Full Potency Prostate and help whip your prostate back into shape.

Don't wait! I urge you to act now for Full Potency Prostate so you can ease your discomfort and feel like you have a young man's prostate again — One you don't have to worry or think about!

This is 100% possible. Don't suffer discomfort, suffering sleep, and a full menu of urinating problems while your aging prostate only gets older.

Now, I know men usually won't go to the doctor for their prostate issues until it's "too late" and they don't know what to do to make the pressure, discomfort and symptoms stop.

So don't wait until it's critical, take care of this now, before it gets worse. Because it will get worse.

Time, age, and your pre-programmed male genes will work against you until it's unbearable — and you do something about it. So I say, thank goodness for Full Potency Prostate!

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