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Ultra-Potent Natural-Ingredient Formula Boosts Prostate Function & Urinary Flow

Introducing Full Potency Prostate, the most advanced prostate and urinary health supplement on the market—from the makersof Nugenix®!

Are you tired of the "dreaded dribble"… the “bloated bladder"… the late-night peeing sessions… the urge that won't go away?

Take Control With Full Potency Prostate!

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Men seeking the most complete and comprehensive prostate formula have finally found it. Scientifically developed, Full Potency Prostate features the top 4 prostate health ingredients ever combined in a single formula and at their clinical potencies.

Full Potency Prostate helps you:

  • Improve prostate health & function
  • Relieve the frequent urge to pee all the time
  • Increase urinary flow and bladder emptying
  • Reduce nighttime urination for more restful sleep
  • Promote healthy T levels, sexual performance & vitality

Stop Dancing Around Your Prostate Issues…

Are prostate problems controlling your life? Unfortunately as your prostate ages, it can cause frustrating, humbling, and sometimes even embarrassing problems.

man taking a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night in slippers and pajamas

Getting up throughout the night to use the bathroom, which disrupts your sleep and leaves you feeling exhausted in the morning.

Worrying about when you have an urge that "can't wait" and scrambling frantically to find the bathroom.

Or using the bathroom, but not getting everything out—and needing to go yet again right after. No man should be a prisoner of his own prostate, living a life that's always dependent on having a toilet nearby.

Worse, prostate health issues not only wreak havoc on your bathroom habits, but also your vitality, drive, and performance.

And if you do nothing, it'll continue to get worse. (That's why the statistics get more and more serious as men get older.)

Fortunately, with these exact ingredients, at these exact potencies, you can restore optimal prostate function and improve your lifestyle.

Critical Problems With Other Formulas You Can't Ignore

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  • Inferior Ingredients With No Research
  • No Clinically Validated Dosages
  • Loaded With Harmful Fillers
  • Lackluster Results At Best
  • A Complete Waste Of Money!

But Not With Full Potency Prostate! It’s the Most Groundbreaking Formula

With No Unnecessary Fillers And No Untested Materials


While other companies may cut corners and water down their formulas, Full Potency Prostate is meticulously developed based on the latest clinical research and the best in scientific innovation.

It delivers the top 4 ingredients for healthy prostate function… and in the right amounts and most bioavailable forms:

500mg Flowens® Cranberry Powder

A patented extract clinically validated to reduce daytime and nighttime urinary urges, while improving urinary flow and bladder emptying.

400mg Vi-spo Saw Palmetto

The gold-standard of saw palmetto extracts that's shown in clinical research to improve urinary flow and frequency, support a healthier prostate, reduce urinary discomfort, and even enhance performance in the bedroom.

We use a trademarked, patent-pending version that's made with an extraction and beta sitosterol enrichment process like no other using the highest technology. Cultivated without pesticides using a CO2 extraction process, this extract is clinically validated and enhanced with beta-sitosterol for even more impact.

130mg Phytopin® Pine Phytosterols

A clinically validated extract containing a mixture of phytosterols derived from the trunk of sustainably grown pine trees to support healthy prostate function, improve bladder health, and enhance urinary stream.

57mg FruiteX-B®

A patented mineral complex similar to a natural form of boron that supports a healthy inflammatory response and healthy cholesterol numbers.

Bottom line: Every single key ingredient in our formula is backed by human clinical research and every amount is at its full clinical potency.

The evidence is astounding. Full Potency Prostate is the most comprehensive solution for healthy prostate function and everyday comfort. Don't spend another day (or night) with a cranky prostate!

Want to see the difference Full Potency Prostate can make? Try a 14-day sample on us.

bottle of full potentcy prostate

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bottle of full potentcy prostate

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