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It's The #1 Selling Men's Formula In GNC. Why? Because It Works!

Winner Of GNC's “Top Product Of The Year” For Two Years Running!

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Why Are So Many Men Ditching Their Old T-Boosters for Nugenix Total-T?

Because Only Nugenix Checks All The Right Boxes

Nugenix Total-T Ageless Male Max Force Factor Test X180 Ignite Prime Male
Patented Formula
Clinical-Strength Testofen®
No Stimulants Or Caffeine
#1 In GNC
The Only Recommended Choice

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal! Only Nugenix Delivers The Superior Quality And Results You Deserve

How Do Your T-Levels Measure Up?

Which is most important to you?

How often do you exercise?

frank thomas

Frank Thomas

Hall Of Fame Baseball Player & Satisfied Nugenix User

"What guy over 45 hasn't noticed how much harder it is to get back in shape than it used to be? I used to think I just wasn't giving it enough effort, but Nugenix helped me understand it's not my fault, and I can do something about it."

paul clayton

Dr. Paul Clayton

World's Leading Pharma-Nutritionist & Chief Testofen® Researcher

"If you're experiencing low energy and a weakening drive, my clinical research has shown Testofen® fenugreek increases free-T in men to help reverse some of the most common side effects of aging. And, Nugenix Total-T uses the exact clinical dose of Testofen® we used in our research to ensure maximum results."

"I have much more energy and stamina. Thanks Nugenix!"

frank thomas autograph

The Legendary #1 Formula For More Energy, Muscle & Drive!

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Avoid fake copycat formulas! BBB Accredited Business.

Nugenix is patented and delivers REAL results. You won't find our exclusive, science-backed blend of man-boosting ingredients anywhere else!

Yes! You CAN Boost T-Levels And Feel Like A New Man!

Fuel Up On What You've Been Missing With Nugenix Total-T

Feel like you're slowing down? Don't have the energy you once had? Struggling to get back in shape? Unable to perform in the bedroom? If so, we have great news for you!

Around age 40, men start to experience a big drop in T-levels. This can stunt your performance and cause declines in your energy levels, muscle mass, and drive.

But it's NOT your fault. Finally, the solution you've been waiting for has arrived.

Scientifically developed, Nugenix Total-T is one of the most advanced T-boosters on the market. It provides comprehensive support for superior male benefits in the gym and between the sheets. When you commit to taking Nugenix daily, it can change your life.

Recharge Your Energy Levels!

Wake up ready to conquer the day again. Nugenix Total-T boasts a key ingredient called elevATP® that's backed by 2 clinical studies to increase your energy production. Feel more alive and energized from the office to the gym—no stimulants and no mid-day crash.

81% Improvement In Drive

In a clinical study, 81% of men said our key ingredient Testofen® boosted their drive. Bring the passion back to the bedroom, and satisfy your partner like never before.

Sculpt A Leaner, Stronger Body

Nugenix Total-T electrifies your performance and endurance in the gym and helps you build more lean muscle. Get the most out of your training, carve a head-turning body, and experience a newfound level of confidence.

Often Imitated… But Never Replicated!

Unlike those other brands with watered-down formulas, Nugenix Total-T is scientifically developed with key ingredients in the EXACT amounts shown to work. That's why it consistently ranks as the #1 men's brand in GNC year after year: because there's nothing else like it. Nugenix will change your life—no question!

The Problem With Other Men's Formulas You Cannot Ignore

  • No Scientific Research
  • Guesswork Dosages & Proprietary Blends Containing Who-Knows-What?
  • Loaded With Unsafe Stimulants & Unnecessary Fillers
  • Lackluster Results At Best
  • And A Complete Waste Of Money!

Look at other supplement labels and you'll realize that you've been lied to by companies with cheap ingredients, false marketing claims, and unfulfilled promises. But, Nugenix Total-T is formulated based on science—not budgets or guesswork. You'll see what makes Nugenix so powerful and effective, and you'll never get ripped off again. The choice is yours.

Real People, Real Success Stories

Hear from satisfied men (and their partners!) who struggled with low energy and drive, until they tried Nugenix! Now they feel stronger, more energized, and more confident. See how it changed their lives.


MILLIONS of men love Nugenix because it really works. But don't take our word for it… see what real users have to say.

Feeling strong again even at 61
"Noticed a difference in muscle tone. Feeling stronger. More energy and more stamina."
– Ryne W.

It really really works!
"GUYS, BUT! GIRLS – you got to get your man some of this right here. It works!"
– Aecela

Transformed our love life
"All I can tell you is...oh my goodness. It's completely transformed our love life, and it's unbelievable to me how much his drive has increased."
– Danielle S.

Excellent T-level support!
"Have used it for over 2 years and helps me maintain ALL ASPECTS of my active lifestyle!"
– Michael T.

Energy through the roof
"I had no drive and was tanked out at the end of the day. After 3 months, my energy level is through the roof. I work out like most 19 yr olds on the daily. I am 47."
– Shane D.

Wife loves it 😉
"Gives me more energy for running and being at the gym. And as the Big Hurt says, 'the wife loves it!'"
– Brian D.

woman holding nugenix

When It's Lights, Camera, Action… Nugenix Brings The Passion!

Low drive is a common side effect of declining T-levels. And, that's no good for you—or your partner. With Nugenix Total-T, you can be ready to go whenever she is. Our patented, cutting-edge formula boosts drive and stamina to rekindle the spark in the bedroom and help you perform like never before!

Get 2x The Boost Below The Belt!

Morning wood frequency

boost graph

Intimacy frequency

boost graph

Great product
"My husband tried Ageless Male and it didn't work like this did. The wind would blow and he'd be ready to go :)"
– Ashley E.

Definitely can feel the difference
"My intensity levels have gone way up. More weight, more reps, more sweat too. Value is important and I received a great value as well as tangible benefits."
– Ronald A.

More energy and stamina
"I have seen a great new pump while working out. My energy as well as stamina are a lot better."
– Terrance M.

Fantastic love life
"I have been using Nugenix Total-T for over one year. I am over 80 years old and my love life has been fantastic."
– Frank A.

Must have if you're over 40
"Been taking this for a year and a half. Can't live without it, so I autoship for this one."
– John V.

Keeps my muscles toned
"It helps me keep my muscles toned and gives me energy to work out. I would recommend it for men over 40 who have lost their drive and energy."
– Michael M.

Learn The Secret Behind Our Legendary Man-Boosting Formula

paul clayton

Meet Dr. Paul Clayton, the medical mastermind behind the powerful key ingredient in Nugenix.

  • A PhD graduate from Edinburgh University
  • Former Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine
  • Senior Advisor to the UK government's Committee on the Safety of Medicine

He leads highly specialized clinical trials at some of the world's leading hospitals. There he discovered a remarkable plant extract that, in clinical studies, boosted free-T production in men. This led to the creation of Testofen®, the world's most clinically-studied fenugreek extract and the star ingredient in our Nugenix formula.

testofen seal

Testofen® Fills Up Your
"T-Level Tank"

"When you measure T-levels in aging males, most of it is bound. And once it's bound, it's inactive. It's in 'jail.'

Testofen® is an extract from a very particular strain of fenugreek. What it does is open up that 'jail.' It raises levels of free-T for the body to use. It also restores more youthful energy, strength and drive."
– Dr. Paul Clayton

Before Nugenix®

before nugenix

Bound testosterone has proteins attached that prevent it from entering cells for use.

After Nugenix®

after nugenix

More testosterone is available to be used by cells that need it.

Testofen® Delivers A Shocking Boost For Men


reported increased drive


felt more energetic overall


reported greater muscle satisfaction

The Results Are Unbelievable! Skyrocket Your Drive, Energy & Muscle Mass With Nugenix!

Only Nugenix Delivers The Best Of The Best" Super Nutrients For Men 40+ To Thrive

Ingredient Profile







nugenix bottle


L-Citrulline Malate (2:1)


Eurycoma longifolia


Essential Vitamins & Minerals

It's Not Magic, It's Science!

Our one-of-a-kind patented formula is backed by substantial clinical evidence. That's why we have so many testimonials from REAL customers and have won so many industry awards!

1. Testofen®

The real MVP of our formula, Testofen® is a patented, high-quality fenugreek extract that's clinically shown to increase free and total T-levels. In clinical studies, men taking 600mg of Testofen® felt significantly stronger, more energized, and more passionate in the bedroom.

2. ElevATP®

Backed by 5 clinical studies, this patented ingredient boosts cellular energy production, athletic performance, and muscle gains so you can power through your workouts without slowing down.

3. Boron

An important mineral provided at the clinically validated dose to help support healthy free T-levels.

4. L-Citrulline Malate (2:1)

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that serves as a precursor to arginine, which supports the body's nitric oxide production.

5. Eurycoma longifolia Extract

A plant extract that's been shown in clinical research to significantly increase physical performance versus baseline.

6. Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Nugenix delivers zinc and high-potency Vitamins B6 and B12 to support overall male health.

"Frank, We Did It!"

"We Won GNC's Top Product Of The Year Award…AGAIN!"

Nugenix is the 8x GNC award winner – a HUGE VICTORY!

gnc awards

"GNC was thrilled to honor Nugenix for the second year in a row at our annual GNC Global Conference," said Allen McClard, SVP & Chief Merchandising Officer at GNC. "We value our partnership with Nugenix, and they continue to produce award-winning, high-quality formulas that remain consumer favorites."

gnc award frank thomas

Frank has won many awards during his baseball career but wanted the "Top Product Of The Year", and we did it – two years in a row! Now Nugenix has a total lineup of 8 GNC awards!

And there you have it. One of America's leading supplement retailers has deemed Nugenix the best and most-trusted men's health brand.

How Does Nugenix Work So Well?

The Proof Is In The Pill!

In A Clinical Study, Men Who Took Our Key Ingredient Saw Higher Testosterone Levels, Versus Placebo!

Boost your testosterone levels with Nugenix and get after it again!

nugenix seals

Unfortunately, there are some bargain brands out there that aren't rooted in science or research. They use trace amounts of popular ingredients just to claim they're in there. Or, they mislead you with labels designed to hide exactly what's inside.

Take a look at Force Factor's Test X180 Ignite. It has not just one proprietary blend, but TWO:

force factor ingredients crossed out

See how the total ingredient amounts are listed, but not the individual amounts of EACH ingredient? Therefore you have NO IDEA what the product actually contains or if it's even effective. In most cases, the blends themselves are not clinically tested. That does you no good!

Unlike Those Other Brands, Nugenix Has Nothing To Hide!

That's why when you look at our Supplement Facts label, what you see is exactly what you get. We don't hide our ingredients and dosages, and we don't use harmful fillers.

And, our key ingredients are clinically tested and provided in the EXACT amounts shown to work.

nugenix supp facts

So while other brands may skimp on ingredients and dosages, Nugenix Total-T was designed to deliver the superior quality and superior results you deserve. That's why Nugenix has become a household name–MILLIONS of men and their partners trust Nugenix!


How Nugenix Was Born And Quickly Became The #1 Rated Men's Brand!

July 2009

Our Company Is Founded

key icon

July 2012

We Launch Nugenix Free-T Booster

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April 2013

Nugenix Expands To Canada

canada icon

March 2014

Nugenix Named GNC Product Innovation Of The Year

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March 2015

Nugenix Wins GNC Franchise Outstanding Partner Of The Year

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March 2016

Nugenix Receives GNC Vision & Values Award

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May 2016

Nugenix Teams Up With Hall Of Famer Frank Thomas

baseball icon

March 2017

Nugenix Wins GNC Franchise Top Performer

award icon

June 2018

Nugenix Honored As GNC Top Product Of the Year, Top Partner & Top Domestic Franchise Partner

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June 2018

Nugenix Gives Away A GNC Store

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November 2018

Nugenix Purchases Its Own Manufacturing Facility

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December 2018

Nugenix Upgrades Its Flagship Formula To Create Nugenix Total-T

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June 2019

Nugenix Wins Top Product Of The Year Two Years Running!

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Today And Beyond

Nugenix Continues To Be #1

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These Men Were Once in Your Shoes…Until They Tried Nugenix!


Total-T Is Fantastic
"I've been taking it for almost 3 months. I don't get tired like I used to. I have more than enough energy to get things done again. Total-T is fantastic stuff. I'm feeling strong again."
- Wlemakit E.

I Went Back To Nugenix
"I work ten hour shifts at UPS and then workout in the evening. After using Nugenix, I am MUCH more energized the whole day. As an experiment, I went off Nugenix and tried another brand. In less than a week it felt like I physically crashed. I went back to Nugenix."
- Greg L.

Definitely Feel The Difference
"I can definitely feel the difference when I added Nugenix Total-T to my workouts. I've been able to take my performance to a much higher level as a result! I highly recommend."
- Christopher G.

"So, What Can Nugenix Do For Me?"

We Get Thank You Calls Daily And Here's Why

Supercharge Your Energy Levels

Many T-boosters fill their servings with stimulants like coffee, tea, etc. to load you with jittery energy. But this makes things worse! Stimulants often have a crash and can affect your sleep. But Nugenix gives you a clean burst of energy without any caffeine or stimulants–and no jitters or mid-day crash.

Transform Your Results In The Gym

Our advanced formula electrifies your performance and endurance in the gym and helps you build more lean muscle. Get the most out of your training, carve a head-turning body, and enjoy the seemingly endless health benefits.

Wow Your Lover In Bed

Nugenix enhances drive and performance so you can increase your enjoyment and respond better to your partner. It'll make yourself and your partner very, very happy.

Reclaim Your Youthfulness

Want more passion, motivation, and excitement in your life? Nugenix delivers more drive, so you can feel like you've turned back the clock on your body and regain the bounce in your step again.

Either Nugenix Works For You Or You Shouldn't Have To Pay For It

Imagine going to the car dealership and leaving with a brand new vehicle—without even test driving it first.

That wouldn't make any sense, right? Every guy knows the test drive is the most important part of buying a car. You wouldn't sign the dotted line without doing one.

So, if you can test drive a car before you buy it, then why shouldn't you be able to test drive your supplement?

At Nugenix, we understand that seeing is believing. That's why we let you sample our #1 T-booster–BEFORE you commit to buying a full-size bottle.

That's right. With a 14-day sample, you can test drive Nugenix Total-T and see.

On the flip side: if you decide it's not right for you, then no worries. We totally get it. Just let us know and that's that. We'll cancel your account right away. The sample is yours to keep.

Yep it's THAT easy.
So get your sample now!

How many other supplement brands let you try their product before you buy it? We certainly can't think of any…

The Doctor Is In. And Low Vitality Is Out!

Dr. Clayton, One Of The World's Leading Medical Experts, Talks Nugenix

exclusive seal gnc award bbb logo

Why Dr. Clayton Recommends Nugenix To All Aging Males!

You may have seen him on TV or listened to one of his interviews on the radio. Dr. Paul Clayton is one of the world's leading men's health and nutrition experts.

With an extensive background in pharmacology, public health, and food science, he has sat on numerous food and health advisory boards and has worked with top doctors and clinical scientists. He earned his Ph.D. and graduated from Edinburgh University summa cum laude in Medical Pharmacology.

Today, he is a leading medical consultant, who designs clinical trials for nutritional therapies at top hospitals. Most notably, he developed Testofen®—one of the world's most clinically-studied fenugreek extracts and the key active ingredient in our Nugenix Total-T formula.

His clinical research has shown that Testofen® increases free T-levels and provides remarkable health benefits for men experiencing lower energy and drive.

Don't Be Fooled By Cheap Nugenix Rip-offs!

Don't be fooled! It's well-known that when it comes to male supplements, Nugenix is the best of the best.

Other T-boosters try to rip off our formula by claiming to use "fenugreek." But, as Dr. Paul Clayton points out, if the fenugreek isn't properly standardized like Testofen® is, then it's nothing more than "seasoning."

Then, there are many supplements that contain Testofen®, but not in the 600mg daily clinically-approved amount that you get from Nugenix. And that does you no good!

The Most Perfect Men's Performance Pill

Unlock Your Full Male Potential!

If You Have…

Nugenix Helps You…

Low drive

 arrow graphic
  • Increase drive & desire
  • Enhance performance
  • Experience more enjoyment

A lack of energy

arrow graphic
  • Skyrocket energy & endurance
  • Improve workout performance
  • Support an active lifestyle

Decreased strength

arrow graphic
  • Increase muscle & strength
  • Look leaner & more toned
  • Maximize your training results

So Long, Performance Issues

Thanks To America's Leading T-Booster!

  • Rated #1 Men's Formula In GNC
  • Our Customer Testimonials Are 100% Real
  • Independent Lab Tests Confirm Potency & Purity
  • Nugenix Skyrockets Energy & Stamina
  • Desire & Performance Significantly Improved!

Give "The Big Hurt" To Low Vitality!

frank thomas holding bottle of nugenix

Frank Thomas wants all men to know about the incredible benefits of our elite T-booster. It worked for him and will work for you too!

Believe it or not, even one of the biggest athletes in baseball, Frank "The Big Hurt" Thomas, knows a thing or two about declining testosterone levels. The retired professional baseball slugger and Hall of Famer was faced with the same challenges that all men 45+ must overcome.

"Once we hit our 40s, it's like everything changes. It's harder to get back in shape, and we don't have the energy we used to. But, then I realized it's not my fault and I could do something about it.

Nugenix has helped me so much, and it can help you too. It safely increases testosterone levels, so you feel stronger, younger, and more energized. Use Nugenix daily, and trust me fellas, you'll be amazed by your results."

Claim Your Sample Of Our #1 T-Booster Today!

Virtually every other supplement company wants you to pay upfront. Then, if it doesn't work, MAYBE you can get SOME of your money back. (Good luck arguing with them.)

But why? You test drive a car before you buy it, so why can't you test drive a supplement? That way, you can see if you like it first before committing.

At Nugenix, we're so confident in our cutting-edge formula that we want to send you a complimentary sample for two full weeks so you can experience its benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • + How can Nugenix help me?

    Around age 40, men experience a big drop in testosterone levels. Lower T-levels means less energy, less strength, and less power to perform. Backed by science, Nugenix safely boosts free and total testosterone and helps increase energy, drive, performance, and lean muscle mass.

  • + When can I expect results?

    Consistency is key. You need to take Nugenix daily to get the maximum benefits. Individual results may vary but men can experience more energy and improved workout performance, plus increased drive, strength, and lean muscle mass, after six to eight weeks of continued daily use.

  • + Are there any side effects?

    There are no negative side effects associated with taking Nugenix as directed. The product is made without stimulants, GMOs, soy, banned substances, synthetic colors, or harmful chemical fillers.

  • + Does Nugenix meet FDA requirements?

    Nugenix is manufactured at our state-of-the-art FDA-registered, NSF-certified, and third-party audited facility located in Salt Lake City, Utah according to strict FDA guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices. Our ingredients are carefully sourced from the USA and around the globe to ensure maximum purity and potency.

The Nugenix Promise

We strive to provide the best science-backed products that deliver the best results possible.

  • Easy access to customer service by calling 1-855-714-3234.
  • Your trial will ship within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Great Products. Discrete shipping. Cancel anytime.
  • Our convenient autoship program is $69.99 + $4.99 S&P monthly at the end of your trial.