Winner of GNC's 2013 Innovative Product of the Year Award

"It is always a pleasure to deliver these well-deserved awards that our vendor partners work so hard to achieve," said Tom Dowd, GNC Executive Vice President, and Chief Merchandising Officer & General Manager.

"GNC is proud to work with the best nutrition and wellness companies in the supplements industry today. This is our opportunity to recognize publicly their contributions to innovation, product quality, and consumer information while also creating additional excitement to continue to raise the bar for excellence."

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On February 19, 2014 GNC, the nation's largest specialty vitamin chain announced that Nugenix won their prestigious Innovative Product of the Year Award. This award is only given to a single product each year (out of thousands of products nationwide). The official award ceremony will be held at an upcoming trade show.

Nugenix was the number one selling men's vitality product in GNC during 2013 and continues this year to be the top selling men's vitality product in GNC. Other products may claim to be "top selling" but Nugenix is the undisputed number one selling men's vitality product in GNC. Don't settle for a cheap imitator or a mediocre product. Nugenix is powerful and unadulterated.

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Get ready to maintain your edge with the help of Nugenix. Boston-based nutritional developers created Nugenix to help men maintain a youthful edge... in the bedroom... in the workplace... in the gym.

Nugenix is a PREMIUM dietary supplement carefully blended to help boost the all-important free testosterone. Nugenix has become a daily choice for men who enjoy full vitality and libido—and want to keep it that way. It's also chosen by men who want to gain an edge with a strong sex drive and better performance.

Nugenix is the #1 selling men's vitality product in GNC stores in the United States for 2015 for a reason!

Explore the benefits of boosting your free testosterone with Nugenix on your side.

Why Free Testosterone is Vital for Men

The Nugenix Testosterone Complex...

The male body contains two types of testosterone: free and bonded. Bonded, or "non-free" testosterone, attaches to the proteins globulin and albumin and does not provide direct benefits.

However, free testosterone easily enters cells where it can bind to androgen receptors and produce the desired effects—including increased sex drive, performance, and feeling stronger. Free testosterone is the form of this vital hormone that reaches your tissue and provides the impact.

Studies and Tests Show the Main Ingredient in Nugenix is Effective

Nugenix can help you boost free testosterone through its key ingredient: Testofen®. Testofen® comes from the rare Fenugreek plant and contains 50% Fenuside. Testofen® studies in Irvine, California and Queensland, Australia indicated the following benefits:

RESULTS SHOW: The Nugenix Testosterone Complex includes L-Citrulline Malate for increased results. Recent studies have shown that Citrulline relaxes blood vessels and this can improve blood flow—a key to firmer erections.

Ready to Slow Down?

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It's a fact. Women are more attracted to physical, confident, successful, and assertive men. Taking Nugenix can help boost your free testosterone levels and help you keep that powerful edge. Your partner will be especially excited—because you're performing at your best. Surprise your partner in the bedroom and you'll both notice the difference!

Yes—it can be a challenge. Not enough sexual performance. Not enough sexual drive. Not enough gas in the tank. Suddenly, it takes longer to recover from workouts.

Free testosterone is vital because it impacts a man's ability to... well... BE A MAN!

With Nugenix, you can improve your levels of free testosterone and reclaim your advantage... your edge. Powerful libido. Higher sex drive. Impressive results from workouts. More satisfaction for your partner.

Just what you'd expect from a man.

How Nugenix Ingredients Improve Your Libido, Strength, Stamina, and Vitality

NUGENIX PROPRIETARY BLEND includes the clinically studied dose of Testofen®, which provides some of the highest levels of any comparable dietary supplement. Researchers carefully selected these ingredients to create a blend that can increase free testosterone levels PLUS boost vitality, stamina, and libido.

Get on the Road to Feeling Younger and More Vibrant TODAY!

Taking NUGENIX is safe, easy, and effective...

With a trial sample of Nugenix you can discover a new approach to regaining your vitality, strength, and libido. Simply take three capsules a day on an empty stomach.

How Nugenix Gets an Edge Over the Competition

Nugenix Testosterone Complex      
Testofen® Fenugreek Extract 50% Fenuside™    
Vitamin B6  
Vitamin B12    
L-Citrulline Malate      
Recommended Choice


Meet the people who benefit from Nugenix
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"I have noticed increased strength, stamina, and versatility. Nugenix has increased my mental focus and provided me with increased energy to get through the day. I have also noticed better results from my workouts. Nugenix is everything the bottle says it is and more. I look forward to seeing the results continue and would definitely recommend Nugenix to others." -Steven, NY

"I am 49. Started taking this Oct. 1st and saw results fast and I am HUGELY SKEPTICAL on products and opinions. I work out 60 to 90 min. 5 days a week. I follow a regular sensible diet and still have 1 or 2 cheat days. This product really delivers and I noticed I run longer and increased my weight lifting (not to mention I feel my sex drive coming back and more down there), I will keep posting on my advancements throughout. VERY HAPPY!! Was thinkin about trying other cheaper products, BUT WHY STICK WITH WHAT WORKS!" - Clark, NV

"After 6 months of use I am happy with the results. Sex drive is back, and workouts show quicker results. I have tried everything out there and this is the only product that has been effective for me." - Ron, CA

"Bought this during gold card, already noticing a big difference. At 52 it's helping me hit the gym hard again and feel a bit younger." - Stanley, GA

"I'll admit I was somewhat skeptical when I purchased this, however a little desperate at the time. My life has CHANGED! I can't believe the difference. I have an extra hop in my step every day! Nugenix has reignited my once dwindling sex drive drastically. I've even seen some added benefit at the gym. Highly recommended for all men!" - Steven, NY

#1 Nugenix Comes From a trusted source

Nugenix is the creation of a leading and fast-growing manufacturer of nutritional supplements. The company is based in Boston, MA, and Charlotte, NC. Nugenix is the #1 men's vitality product in GNC for 2015. The company that researched Nugenix is also respected for its best-selling joint support and mood support brands: Instaflex and Lumiday.

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