Frank Thomas
Hall of Fame Baseball Player

‘The Big Hurt’
is back on top!

Boost Libido • Performance
Confidence • Drive

If you’re a man over 40, you’ve probably noticed some changes.

Suddenly, it’s harder to get back into shape again.
The energy and drive just isn’t there.
And you’re left feeling lazy and less confident.

Sound familiar?

"When I was playing ball, they called me ‘The Big Hurt’. But after I left the game, Mother Nature started putting a big hurt on me. I just couldn’t stay in shape like I used to."

First of all fellas, you should know that it’s not your fault. Once a man hits middle age, testosterone levels start to decline and the side effects begin to set in. Feelings of sluggishness, lack of motivation, and loss of confidence are the result.

Maybe you’ve tried to ignore all this, but there’s got to be a better way...

Now there is.

Like so many other men, Frank found the secret to staying youthful is by safely boosting testosterone levels. How do they do it?

With Nugenix!

“Nugenix is a powerful formula with Testofen. Once I started taking it, I noticed a BIG difference. I felt stronger, leaner, with more stamina and energy. Now I can get after it again!”

–Frank ‘The Big Hurt’ Thomas

The award-winning brand has become the #1 seller for men’s vitality at GNC, so you know it works. We’re even offering 14-day samples to prove it! With Nugenix, you’ll get plenty of benefits like:

  • Better results in the gym
  • Higher energy and more stamina
  • Revitalized drive, passion & performance
  • Even huge boosts in libido

The key ingredient is a rare Fenugreek extract known as Testofen. Clinical studies on Testofen indicated a significant boost in free testosterone levels. The majority of subjects taking it reported greater satisfaction with muscle and strength too.

And as an added benefit, men taking Testofen experienced an increase in sexual activity, arousal, desire, performance, and satisfaction.

Here are the results from two independent clinical studies on Testofen that absolutely blew scientists away.

Full erection upon wakening

Frequency of sexual intercourse

For those taking Testofen:

Now let me ask you this...

Could you use a boost? Let’s be honest, what man wouldn’t want all this!

Right now, it’s easier to get back that youthful drive than you might think. Samples are being rushed to men who qualify online, so stop reading about Nugenix and start experiencing it for yourself! You’ll get a full 14-day supply to try out.

But hurry, samples are going fast! Click below to claim yours now. You can thank Frank later. ;)

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