Who Nugenix Is for and How We Formulate Our Products

Who Nugenix is For and How We Formulate Our Products

We are Nugenix, a company that specializes in creating effective supplement products that help men. For male athletes, dads, grandfathers, and everything in between, we wanted to create products that can help you be the best man you can be. 

We take our craft seriously because we have a passion for helping you. The reality is that many men struggle with various problems ranging from prostate health, low testosterone, lack of energy, and low sexual drive. The list goes on and on. 

We know that you are looking for solutions to your problems that are easy to solve and don’t carry risks. Our supplements work to promote key natural solutions in your body. But if you’ve never tried supplements or you’re still suspicious, we want to encourage you to take a second look. 

So today, we’re going to take you through the ways of Nugenix. We’re here to show you how Nugenix can help you understand how our products can help improve your health and life. 

Our History

Nugenix has a long and impressive history on its own, but our roots go even deeper than you think. Our parent company, Adaptive Health, has been making impacts in the medical world since 1991. Our 30-year run has been a beautiful one. 

Here are some of the important parts of our story.

It Started With a Newsletter

In 1991, Dr. Julian Whitaker and Dr. David Williams began their healthy flagship newsletter, published in Phillips Publishing International. This newsletter was a beacon of health and hope for many people looking for healthy nutritional products backed by doctors. 

Throughout the nineties and into the early 2000s, our team of doctors grew. Eventually, Healthy Directions was born: a resource for doctor-developed health content, reliable advice for various health conditions, and a trusted source of nutritional supplements. 

Direct Digital

In 2009, Direct Digital was formed, with their flagship product, Instaflex, used to promote joint health. It was a wild success, becoming the number one joint supplement sold in GNC stores. It eventually grew to partner with the Arthritis Foundation. 

From this solid foundation of practical and effective supplemental health experience, Direct Digital developed Nugenix. And after Dr. David Katz came to the team as Chief Medical Advisor, Nugenix was named the GNC Product Innovation of the year in 2014. 

The Merger

But in 2017, these two powerhouse health companies combined forces to form Adaptive Health. With the well-established medical expertise of Healthy Directions and the product development skills of Direct Digital, Adaptive Health was able to reach new heights. 

Since then, Adaptive Health has acquired Biovation Labs to further research health products and to be able to produce all of our products in a state of the art, NSF Grade A, FDA audited manufacturing facility here in the USA.  

The Story

So why are we telling you all this? Because we are proud of our history. We have decades of experience in researching and developing effective supplements that can support your health and help improve your life. 

We’re not just another supplement company. Our foundations are rooted in research and the belief that people’s health matters. We began with advising consumers toward healthy products, and we still cling to that value all these years later. 

These values are reflected through Nugenix. These products are formulated by doctors with real expertise, who are experts in research and development. We know, and our history shows, that Nugenix is an effective health supplement that can help you.

Who Can Benefit?

So, who are Nugenix products created for? Well, we’ve already talked about how we have a passion for men’s health. But there are some particular issues many men face that we have a soft spot for. Our products aim to help men tackle these health issues with natural and effective supplements.


Low levels of testosterone are one of the most common health problems men face. In fact, 40% of men over the age of 45 struggle with low T levels. This is why we’ve made it our greatest area of expertise. 

Testosterone is an androgenic hormone that is crucial for many functions of the male body. It’s responsible for developing sexual drive, energy levels, muscle growth, and so much more. 

Because of all of the important roles testosterone has, being deficient in it can seriously affect your day-to-day life. It can cause low sex drive, depressed mood, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, lower energy, and a whole host of other unappealing symptoms. 

A common treatment for this condition is testosterone replacement therapy, where synthetic testosterone is regularly introduced to your body via injection, patch, or pill. While this treatment can be effective, it comes with certain health risks, such as increased heart conditions. 

With all of that in mind, we wanted to develop a way to more naturally promote your body’s ability to create testosterone, working to raise your T levels without harmful side effects. That’s why Free Testosterone Booster was born. 

Nugenix products are healthy and effective ways of supporting your body to increase testosterone levels effectively.

Aging Men

The problem of low testosterone is especially prominent with older men. After age 30, testosterone levels steadily decrease on an average of 1-3% per year. 

Lower testosterone can affect many areas of life and leave you feeling like less of a man than you once were. We don’t want your energy, strength, or libido to be taken from you. So we work to help you.

Aging men are the chief beneficiaries of our products, and we are proud to say so.

Low Libido

Men who struggle with low libido also have a lot to gain from Nugenix products. Low libido is one symptom of lower testosterone levels, but it may be a problem even if your T levels are normal. 

Increasing testosterone can help with libido, but we’ve also created products specifically for boosting sex drive. Sexual Vitality Booster is designed to support nitric oxide levels and healthy blood flow, which supercharges your passion, stimulation, and bedroom performance.  

Prostate Health

Prostate health is another chief concern for older men. Unhealthy prostates are one of the chief health problems that men cope with, so we create products to support the health of your prostate. 

Full Potency Prostate features four trademarked, clinical-strength ingredients that work to promote the health of your prostate. These ingredients target multiple pathways to help promote healthy urinary flow, control urinary frequency and support everyday comfort. 

If you struggle with prostate health or are looking to keep your prostate healthy with the intent to ward off future prostate issues, you have a lot to gain from Nugenix. 

Struggling to Build Muscle

Many men, especially as they age, struggle with their ability to get fit and build muscle. Men of all ages are trying to better themselves, bulk up, and get cut. But as you age, it becomes more and more challenging to build muscle. 

Boosting testosterone can help with this, as testosterone is a key player in muscle building. But another supplement that can help you build muscle is our GH Boost. This supplement truly is amazing.

GH Boost supports your body’s ability to create and release human growth hormone to build muscle, have great energy, and get an amazing body. And best of all, it accomplishes this without steroids, banned substances, or habit-forming ingredients. It’s an entirely safe and ingredients in the prodyct were shown to boost your human growth hormone levels by over 100% in only 90 minutes.

Struggling to Burn Fat

Losing weight only becomes more complex over time. As your metabolism declines, staying in a caloric deficit can be a very laborious task. For men trying to lose weight, Nugenix can help. 

Thermo is a great product designed to promote your metabolism to help you lose weight. Increasing your resting metabolic rate can help you burn more calories and fat throughout the day. 

Low Energy

Many of our products are designed to help you with reduced energy. The older you get, the more difficult it becomes to find the energy to face the day and its challenges. But Nugenix can help.

Boosting testosterone is linked to positive effects on cellular energy. And don’t forget about our Cellular Energy formula that works to sustain energy throughout the day. 

How We Make Our Products

We take pride in our effective and safe products, and that shows in the steps we take when we create them. We take the time and make the appropriate steps to ensure our products are not only effective but also safe for you to use. 


When we are manufacturing our supplements, we strictly adhere to the FDA guidelines for good manufacturing practices. Safety is our number one concern, so we make sure that our manufacturing processes are up to code. 

These FDA guidelines provide requirements for the methods, facilities, and controls used in manufacturing, processing, and packaging. These regulations ensure that a product is safe for use and has the ingredients and strength it claims to have.

We adhere strongly to these principles so that you, the consumer, are getting a safe product, that you know what’s in it, and that you can trust its effectiveness. We also take this a step further and pursue indepent audits and ratings from NSF, for which we're rated a Grade A facility.


Research is another element of production that we take incredibly seriously. You can see that in our foundations and our history. After all, this whole thing started with a research-based health newsletter. 

Not to mention, our company has its own lab facilities for testing, studying, and refining all our ingredients and products. We partnered with Biovation Labs so that we could control every part of the research and manufacturing processes. 

Board Of Scientists

This whole research operation is spearheaded by our board of medical scientists. These doctors are experts in the field of supplement development and have decades of combined experience. 

Our expert physicians provide recommendations and products that are backed with years of study, research, and clinical practice. That’s how you know our products are safe, effective, and can benefit you.


Through research by a team of clinicians, Nugenix works to develop the most effective formulas out there. We aren’t in this business to just put another supplement on the market. We’re in it to make a real impact on your life and support your health. 

Because of this, the specifics of our formula are essential to us. It’s why we trademark our products. So you know that this stuff works and that you can count on it. 

Regularly Updated

You can see this in how we update our products with more effective formulas. Our original Free Testosterone Booster is an effective product at supporting healthy levels of testosterone. But after years of research, we found ways to make it better. 

Total T is the embodiment of that. We took our successful product and expanded on it to create a more effective product for you. 

The Best Ingredients

The final key to the quality of our products is the ingredients we put into them. We only use the best ingredients out there. We’re constantly searching for purer, stronger strains of the various plants we put into our products.

This is one of the many things that sets Nugenix apart. The quality of our ingredients stands out, making our products stronger and more effective than the rest. 


Yes, we make top-of-the-line supplements for men who are looking to improve their health as they age. But we still have our roots in information. We pair our incredibly effective products with well-researched information. The fact is that if you don’t pair supplements with a healthy lifestyle change, you won’t receive the maximum benefits available to you. 

Our blog is full of helpful tips on a plethora of topics. We talk a lot about energy levels and how to maintain them. We provide valuable advice on how to improve your workouts to make them more effective. We educate men about their testosterone. We help people eat better foods to achieve a healthier diet. 

The reason we do this is because we want your health to be in your hands. Knowledge is a tool, and you need every tool you can get to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make the right choices for your well-being.   

Our Top Products And Formulas

All of that work we just mentioned comes to a climax with our trademarked products and formulas in your Nugenix bottles. So we’re going to take a minute to walk through some of the key ingredients in the products we are most proud of. 


Testofen® is our pride and joy. This is the concoction that serves as the foundation for Free Testosterone Booster. 

Testofen® is made with the help of Fenuside from Fenugreek. It’s a rare plant that has incredible testosterone supporting properties. 

It has been scientifically proven to help increase free testosterone levels in the body and improve sexual functions. And thousands of men have benefited from its effects on their testosterone levels. That’s why our testosterone supplements have been the best-selling testosterone supplements at GNC for FIVE years in a row.  


elevATP® is our most impressive muscle-building formula. It is crafted with ancient peat and apple extracts, which may sound strange, but this mixture is proven to help increase muscle enlargement without affecting fat levels for improved body composition. 

You can find this in our Total T products, so you can boost muscle growth while promoting testosterone production.