What Is the Best Multivitamin for Men?

What Is the Best Multivitamin for Men?

Vitamins, minerals, nutrients, supplements. Vitamin b12, D3, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin E. The list goes on and on. 

Sometimes it is just completely overwhelming. But your body needs this diverse portfolio of nutrients in order to perform all the functions you need it to. 

So the question stands: how can you make sure you’re getting all of the vitamins you need? Well, a common solution to this problem is through multivitamins. 

Multivitamins are daily supplements loaded with various minerals and nutrients designed to help you meet or exceed the recommended amounts of all the essential nutrients. 

It’s a brilliant idea, but now that everybody has caught on, the market is just oversaturated with multivitamin after multivitamin. So, how can you tell which ones are good and effective and which ones are lackluster? Well, we’ve done the work so that you don’t have to. 

We believe we’ve got the best multivitamin for men on the market, and we’re going to prove it to you. 

What You Have To Gain

The benefits of obtaining a well-rounded, nutrient-rich diet are expansive. It’s a simple concept; if you provide your body with the ingredients it needs, it will adequately perform all the functions it’s meant to do. 

Delayed Effects of Aging

Getting a full spread of nutrients will help promote healthy skin and keep you looking good as you age. Vitamin C and collagen are essential nutrients when it comes to keeping skin firm and driving the wrinkles away.  

Not to mention, getting a full dose of antioxidants and vitamins daily will improve your skin cells’ ability to regenerate, keeping your skin healthy and new all the time. 

Promotes Muscle Growth

Your muscles don’t just need protein to grow. In fact, they need several different vitamins and minerals to bulk up. Taking a daily multivitamin with the right blend can help optimize your muscles for growth and maintain the health of your skeletal muscles. 

The nutrients help your body utilize the protein you eat and use it to build your muscle. When you get the recommended amount of D3, calcium, and iron, your muscles are ready to grow the way they should. 

Higher Energy

Proper nutrition also helps the cells throughout your body get the energy that they need. Your body gets nutrients from carbs, fats, and protein. But vitamins are essential for helping your body absorb those fuels. 

Achieve And Maintain Healthy Weight

So many of us are constantly in pursuit of a healthier weight. Whether that means trimming fat, maintaining your weight, or gaining more muscle, a multivitamin can help you achieve your goals. 

For weight loss, a multivitamin promotes healthy function throughout the body, maintaining all body systems and optimizing your overall health and wellness. Now, your body can’t lose weight without a proper diet and exercise. But a multivitamin will help your body stay healthy and fueled through your weight loss journey. 

And for men trying to build muscle, as we said before, the multivitamin carries plenty of nutrients that your muscles need to synthesize protein and grow.  

Helps With Low Calorie Diet

When you’re trying to lose weight, the most important thing is to stay in a caloric deficit, meaning you take in fewer calories than you burn every day. For many people, this means cutting down on your calorie intake every day so you can have large caloric deficiencies. However, don’t skimp on whole food items like vegetables, protein, and fish rich in omega-3.

But with a low-calorie diet, it becomes difficult to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. That’s where multivitamins come in. A multivitamin can help you reach your nutritional goals without upping your calorie intake. 

So basically, a multivitamin is one of the best tools out there for achieving healthy nutrition. 

The Average Multivitamin

Make no mistake. Not all multivitamins are created equal. Not every formula is the same as some products out there are unique and helpful for nutrition and some simply don’t have enough nutrients to really make an impact.

Here, we’ll take a look at what to look for when choosing a multivitamin for men. You’ll find that the average multivitamin does have some benefits, but there are some clear differences between ours and the others. 

Ten to Twelve

Believe it or not, the average multivitamin only contains about 10-12 different vitamins and minerals. This may sound like a lot, but considering that your body needs 13 essential vitamins and 16 minerals, ten doesn’t really seem to cut it. 

Not to mention, many of the products out there don’t carry 100% of the recommended daily value of each of these vitamins, leaving some risk that you might not get all the nutrition that you need. 

What They Do Provide

That’s not to say there is no benefit in these products. In fact, any of the multivitamins out there provide a healthy boost of nutrients to your body. Their goal is to simply make sure you’re getting the essential nutrients that you need. But that’s about where they stop. 

What To Look For In Multivitamins

When shopping for a multivitamin, there are some important things you are going to want to look for on the nutrition label. After all, you want the most out of your daily vitamin, so here are some ways to make sure you’re getting it!

100% Daily Value

The best way to make absolutely sure you are getting the full amount of nutrients is to make sure that the nutrition label says that it contains 100% of your daily value of many different nutrients. 

Now it’s not going to be able to have 100% of every nutrient that you need. That would be impossible. But especially with vitamin B and C, you’re going to want to see 100% or more. 

Now for things like calcium, only expect about 15%. You need a lot of calcium, so 100% of your daily intake is just impossible to take in a pill. 

D3, Calcium, B12

We absolutely want a full spread of nutrition in our vitamins for men, but we also want to make sure that our muscle function and growth is being supported. 

So if you’re a man looking for a vitamin, make sure your multivitamin has loads of vitamin D3, calcium, and B12. 

Calcium is used for building bone health, strength, and growth of the muscle fibers, D3 is used to synthesize that calcium to get it to do its job, and B12 helps your body produce red blood cells to fuel all of your cells with the oxygen they need.

In order to have high energy for workouts and build muscle fast, you’re going to want to make sure you get enough of these three essential nutrients.

Zinc, Folate, Magnesium

These three nutrients are not that important for muscle growth, but they have some amazing health benefits. 

  • Zinc promotes your immune system and can help your wounds heal faster. It’s also important for the absorption of the basic macronutrients: carbs, proteins, and fats. But low levels of zinc are linked with high stress. So making sure you get that zinc can keep your anxiousness under control. 
  • Folate is an important nutrient for combating inflammation, so it can help you stay healthy after a tough workout. 
  • Magnesium is an essential nutrient that, among other things, aids with sleep. Sleep is a vital bodily function that you need to take care of. This crucial rest period is essential for muscle recovery and maintaining a healthy metabolism, and magnesium can help promote healthy sleep. 

The Nugenix® Multivitamin

Now that we’ve talked about the benefits of multivitamins and what you should be looking for, let’s take a look at our multivitamins for men and see what sets us apart from the rest.

The Full Package

This supplement is absolutely loaded with nutrients. Where other products have 10-12 different vitamins and minerals, our multivitamin has a whopping 22! Not to mention, 19 of those 22 meet or exceed the 100% daily value. 

So this pill is reliable in getting you all the nutrients you need. It will help you get peace of mind so you won’t have to worry that you didn’t get enough nutrition. 

Build Muscle

This supplement is meant to promote healthy muscle growth and high energy, which is why we’ve packed it with 100% of your D3 needs for the day and 400% of your needed B12!

Your cells will be chock full of all the oxygen they need, and they’ll be ready to absorb all that precious calcium and turn it into valuable building blocks for your muscle and bones. 

Foundation For More

But the real power of this multivitamin is the foundation that it provides. This product was meant to augment and enhance all our various supplement products. Especially when paired with a testosterone supplement like Total T, you can expect the massive benefits that come from a well-maintained and nutrient-rich body!

investing in Quality Brands

But we are not the only good supplement product on the market. We couldn’t leave you without telling you about another product that meets our standards.

Healthy Directions

Healthy Directions have a supply of one of the best men’s multivitamins that will definitely give you the nutrients that you need. This supplement also provides you with 22 different vitamins and minerals, so you can rest assured your diet is complete with all the vitamins you’ll need.

The Heart Healthy Multivitamin is designed to keep your heart healthy. Many cardiovascular treatments deplete the body with crucial nutrients. But this multi is designed to combat that effect and keep your body full of what you need. 

You can see this in action in the B12 that is packed in this thing. It’s crammed with impressive amounts of B12 and B6 to promote the health of your red blood cells. It also has plenty of vitamin C and zinc, so your immune system is given the nutrients that it needs. 


We hope we’ve shown you what the multivitamin can do for you. It can help you meet your optimum nutrition needs for the day, but the fact is, it can do so much more. Promoting muscle growth, reducing the effects of aging, and so much more are right within your reach through the use of a powerful multivitamin supplement.

Just remember that some multivitamins are better than others. Make sure you’re getting a quality product that will help you meet your nutritional and physique goals. 

Multivitamins provide a foundation to build on. With a sturdy spread of nutrients, you are free to achieve the fitness goals you’ve set for yourself. Not to mention, you can have peace of mind that your body is fueled and equipped for all that you require of it.

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