How To Train Like A Boxer And Improve Endurance

How To Train Like A Boxer And Improve Endurance

Have you ever wondered how boxers get ready for a fight? Regardless of whether the greatest of all time or new athletes on the scene inspired your pursuit, training like a boxer can be a rewarding process. The unique training a boxer goes through requires dedication, drive, and time. 

If you are willing to put forth the effort, you can take the long-standing practices of boxers to elevate your current routine. Take a page or two out of a boxer’s workout. The training focused on endurance, mobility, speed, and power may offer the refresh you are craving. Interested in improving your endurance especially? Boxing can help you work towards those goals.

A boxer’s athletic abilities and stamina are impressive. Their training goes far beyond what we see in the ring or in movies. A boxer’s training is built to improve power, agility, endurance, and strength. This requires hours in the gym to make it in the ring. 

If you are looking to improve endurance, training like a boxer is certainly one way to do it. Training like a boxer can also be a great way to breathe new life into your workouts. A boxer’s focus in training is very different from many other athletes. Brute force and a knack for timing are not enough to prepare a boxer. A boxer’s workout looks for new ways to challenge speed, force, finesse, and impact in preparation for the fight. 

If you are finding your workouts stale, lacking, or find yourself plateauing - give these training methods a try. 

In The Gym

While practice within the ring refines the skills and identifies weak points, it is not sufficient on its own. While it is still a very large part of a boxer’s routine, it is the refinement process of the athlete. Training in the gym helps equip boxers beyond the technical form to carry out their coach’s guidance at their optimum performance level.  

The Warm Up

As always, the warm-up is crucial to a healthy, productive workout. Especially when practicing strength-speed and cardio exercises, warming up your muscles is necessary. Take time to get your blood flowing and muscles warm before your main session.

Strength - Speed Training

A boxer’s strength needs to be more than simple brute force. Strength is only useful for a boxer if it can perform the second they need it. Strength-speed training is the ticket to just that. Rather than the slow intense weight lifting workouts, boxers are encouraged to opt for strength-speed training.

Strength-speed training encourages the immediate use of power. Therefore exercises like Olympic lifting and loaded jumps will help put speed behind your power. 

This may be a very new way of strength training for you. Ensure you can keep the proper form throughout the whole exercise while keeping your speed. This may require a slower start or lighter weight as you become comfortable with this type of training. 


Without flexibility, a boxer’s performance is limited. Boxer’s unique need for strength and speed requires flexibility training as well. 

Training flexibility can seem like a chore at times, but harnessing your ability “in the ring” has to be done. If you truly want to train like a boxer, do not skip this step. 


Boxers get their power for their punches from their core. A strong, well-trained core is an incredibly important part of their training. 

Combining cardio and strength-based workouts that integrate your abdominal muscles helps ensure that flexibility and strength are present in the abdomen. In addition, isolate the core to increase the intensity of the training. 


Some boxers do not prioritize strength training. Boxers sometimes opt for a cardio and body-weight heavy routine to increase endurance while keeping their weight low. 

If you would rather emphasize cardio than strength training, this may be the method for you. Long, cardio-focused workouts should be your plan of attack. 

Training for Specific Fights

More than likely, this piece is not as relevant to the training you are interested in. However, as it is a large part of a boxer’s training, we felt it must be included. Boxers take some of their training time to work on technique. They may focus their work according to their known opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. This provides the finishing touch to their training regimen. 

The Training Continues At Home

The demanding workouts of boxers require the proper energy to do so. The Kitchen is a huge part of their training. Athletes eat substantial, balanced meals geared towards energy production. 

If you are going to start training as a boxer, take your nutrition just as seriously. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and during your workout to support your body. Consider what supplements or support might assist you in your pursuit. 

Eat large, balanced meals geared towards energy production. Follow nutritional guidelines and calorie recommendations for your optimal performance. Ensuring your muscles and system have the right fuel will help make your progress count. Your grocery stop on the way home is just as important as your trip to the gym. Plan ahead and prepare your food to help you stay on track with your goals. 

Training on the Weekends

You may be tempted to “work ahead” or work harder by working through your rest days. However, your rest days are just as important as your time in the gym. 

Take the time to rest, not just your body - but also your head. Boxers recommend taking the time to enjoy your day. A rested mind and body will give you the drive and energy you need to return full force the following week. 

We suggest having one entirely dedicated rest day, where your stretching is the extent of your workout. On a remaining day, enjoying a brisk jog will help you warm down from the week. 

To help your body to rest on the weekends, take proactive steps. We can help you in that recovery period. Yoga, stretching, and flexibility-focused practices are great ways to help your body as you push it to the next level. 

If you are over 40 and interested in how to get the most out of your workout. Review our tips on working out over 40. We want to help you feel like your prime as you work to achieve new levels of fitness. We want to walk you through the best practices for your success from specific training to continue restoring your body needs. 

Our Final Thoughts

Pursuing a boxer’s training is a great way to push your workout routine to the next level. If you want to see gains in your force, speed, and endurance, you are heading in the right direction. 

Mix up your workouts with a variety of these practices to ensure you are completing a well-rounded routine. While taking training seriously, take time to take your rest and nutrition seriously as well. 

Get out there and start training. Enjoy the challenge and enjoy your results.

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